Current Issue (2013 Volume 1, Issue 3)
IJARI-ME-13-12-102 A Delphi Study of the Vehicular Emissions Control Strategies for the Capital City Delhi   1. Amit Pal
IJARI-ME-13-12-103 Modeling and Simulation of a 3-wheel Rear Axle   1. Swet Chandan
2. Aman kumar
3. Madhav Luthra
IJARI-ME-13-12-104 An Investigation of the Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Compression Ignition Engines in Dual-Fuel Mode   1. Amit Pal
2. Abhishek Tiwari
IJARI-ME-13-12-105 Thermodynamic Analysis of Linde System for Liquefaction of Gases   1. Devender Kumar
2. R.S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-13-12-106 Thermal Performance of Low Cost Packed Bed Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Space Heating and Crop Drying Applications in the Rural Areas 1. R.S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-13-12-107 Neural Network Process Modelling for Turning of Aluminium (6061) using Cemented Carbide Inserts 1. Ranganath M S
2. Vipin
3. R.S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-13-12-108 Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of Multi-Evaporators Single Compressor and Single Expansion Valve and Liquid Vapour Heat Exchanger in Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems using Thirteen Ecofriendly Refrigerants for Reducing Global Warming and Ozone Depletion 1. R.S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-13-12-109 Application of ANN for Prediction of Surface Roughness in Turning Process: A Review 1. Ranganath M S
2. Vipin
3. R.S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-13-12-110 Life Long Learning System Plays an Important Role in Leading Corporate World   Mehta Jaydip Chandrakant
IJARI-CS-13-12-102 Study on Cloud Computing Resource Allocation Strategies   1. Mahendra Singh Sagar
2. Babita Singh
3. Waseem Ahmad

IJARI-CS-13-12-103 Hindi Numeral Recognition using Neural Network   1. Suman Khatri
2. Irphan Ali

IJARI-CS-13-12-104 Biologically inspired networking: A solution over the challenges of ordinary networking   1. Sachin Chaudhary
2. Anjna Chaudhary

IJARI-CV-13-12-102 Modern Engineering Studies on Ancient Building Materials of Sirpur (C.G)   1. R. K. Jain
2. A.M. Pande

IJARI-AS-13-12-102 A survey on fundamental physics of dusty plasma   1. A. K. Agarwal
IJARI-AS-13-12-103 Effects of Heat source on Dusty Viscous Fluid over a Moving Infinite Vertical Plate with Radiation   1. Rajeev Jha
2. K. K. Kaanodiya
3. Radhey Shyam

IJARI-MG-13-12-102 Customer Relationship Management in Private Sector Banks 1. Shalini Agrawal
IJARI-HU-13-12-102 Communication- everyone‟s panacea for everything 1. Neha Anand
IJARI-HU-13-12-103 The Expression of the Human Predicament in the Poetry of Robert Frost 1. Sonal Shukla