Current Issue (2014 Volume 2, Issue 2)
IJARI-ME-14-06-102 Study on the Surge Motion of a Circular Cylinder Placed in the Propagating Wave 1. Li-Xin Zhu
2. Se-Young Kim
3. Hee-Chang Lim
IJARI-ME-14-06-103 Effect of Rake Angle on Surface Roughness in CNC Turning 1. Ranganath M S
2. Vipin
IJARI-ME-14-06-104 Thermodynamic performance evaluation of multi-evaporators single compressor and single expansion valve and liquid vapour heat exchanger in vapour compression refrigeration systems using thirteen ecofriendly refrigerants for reducing global warming and ozone depletion R.S Mishra
IJARI-ME-14-06-106 Friction Stir Processing of Aluminum alloys for Defense Applications 1. V. Jeganathan Arulmoni
2. R.S Mishra
IJARI-ME-14-06-107 A Review on Properties of phase change material for solar thermal storage system 1. Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey
2. R.S Mishra
IJARI-ME-14-06-108 Performance evaluation of Vapour Compression Refrigeration system using eco friendly refrigerants in primary circuit and nanofluid (Water-nano particles based) in secondary circuit R.S Mishra
IJARI-ME-14-06-109 Simulation of single slope solar still at different inclinations using CFD 1. Amrik Singh
2. M.K Mittal
IJARI-ME-14-06-110 Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of Alternative Regeneration Gas Turbine Cogeneration Cycle with Two Shaft System 1. P. V. Ram Kumar
2. S. S. Kachhwaha
IJARI-ME-14-06-111 Thermodynamic Analysis of Alternative Regeneration Gas Turbine Cycle with Twin Shaft System 1. P. V. Ram Kumar
2. S. S. Kachhwaha
IJARI-ME-14-06-112 Solar Air-Conditioning: Design for a Compressor-Less System using Peltier Effect 1. Ashok Kumar Yadav
2. Shatrughan Singh
3. Gaurav Gupta
IJARI-ME-14-06-113 Design and Manufacturing of Honing Tool for Drilling Machine 1. Ashok Kumar Yadav
2. Shatrughan Singh
3. Uttam Ghosh
4. Gaurav Gupta
IJARI-ME-14-06-114 Modeling &Simulation of Nano film thickness of Gold deposited by Thermal Evaporation Process (TEP) 1. R. S. Mishra
2. Shailendra Kumar Gaur
IJARI-ME-14-06-115 Experimental Investigation of Wire EDM Process Parameteres on Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite Al2024/SiC 1. Ashish Srivastava
2. Amit Rai Dixit
3. Sandeep Tiwari
IJARI-ME-14-06-116 A Review on Fabrication and Characterization of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite (AMMC) 1. Ashish Srivastava
2. Amit Rai Dixit
3. Sandeep Tiwari
IJARI-ME-14-06-117 Effect of Machining Parameters on Surface Roughness with Turning Process- Literature Review 1. Ranganath M S
2. Vipin
IJARI-CS-14-06-102 Enhancement in TLS authentication with RIPEMD-160 Mian Ahmad Zeb
IJARI-CS-14-06-103 Analysis of TSP Optimization Problems using Genetic Algorithm 1. Aparna
2. Waseem Ahmad
IJARI-CS-14-06-104 Advanced Optimization of Fundamental Searching and Sorting Algorithms Jasrat Singh
IJARI-CS-14-06-105 Implementation of Latent Fingerprint Matching System 1. Babita Singh
2. Waseem Ahmad
IJARI-CS-14-06-106 Adoptive Cloud Application In Semantic Web 1. Mukesh Kumar Arya
2. Namit Gupta
IJARI-CS-14-06-107 Algorithm and Techniques for Overlapping Community Detection Sakshi Singh
IJARI-CV-14-06-102 Recent Scientific tests on Ancient Building Materials of Mansar-Ramtek (M.S.) 1. R. K. Jain
2. A. M. Pande
IJARI-CV-14-06-103 Solid Waste Management – A Case Study of Moradabad S Rehan Ali
IJARI-EC-14-06-102 Implementation of Kalman Filter Using Vhdl 1. Jolly Baliyan
2. Atiika Aggarwal
3. Ashwani Kumar
IJARI-EC-14-06-103 Performance Evaluation of Ofdm System with Rician, Rayleigh, Rayleigh with Awgn and Awgn Channel for Bluetooth, Fixed and Mobile Wimax Application 1. Alisha Khan
2. Saurabh Srivastava
IJARI-EC-14-06-104 Filter Bank Based Notch Filter for Interference Cancellation in UWB Systems 1. Saurabh Srivastava
2. O.P. Sahu
IJARI-EE-14-06-102 Modelling and Simulation of Solar Panel 1. Bhavya Vashisht
2. Ahmad Belal Anwar
3. Gaurav Gautam
IJARI-EE-14-06-103 Modeling of Photovoltaic Based Grid-Tied System 1. Shivam Sharma
2. Durgesh Kumar
IJARI-EE-14-06-104 Harmonic Minimization in Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System 1. Shivam Sharma
2. Durgesh Kumar
IJARI-EE-14-06-105 Review of Matrix Converter Modulation Topology (Venturini Method) and Its Application 1. Charu Tyagi
2. Shivam Sharma
IJARI-MG-14-06-102 A Study on Indian Rural Banking Industry - Issues and Challenges 1. Monika Bansal
2. Sneha
IJARI-MG-14-06-103 Impact of Dividend Policy/Announcement On Prices of Shares Indexed With Bse 1. Sarika Malik
2. Niharika Mahrishi
3. Sneha
IJARI-MG-14-06-104 An Inductive Analysis of Relation Maintenance Strategies with Employees Sneha
IJARI-AS-14-06-102 Heavy Metals Accumulation in Human Fingernails 1. N. S. Sisodia
2. H. Kulshreshtha
3. S. Sharma
4. S. K. Khanna
IJARI-AS-14-06-103 Chemistry of Crude Oils 1. S.K Khanna
2. Khushboo Singh
3. Shumaila Naseer
4. Shashank Sharma
IJARI-HU-14-06-102 The Unconventional Treatment of love in the poem ‘Always’ by Pablo Neruda Anuradha
IJARI-PH-14-06-103 Phytochemistry, Pharmacological Activity, Traditional & Medicinal Uses of Erigeron Species: A Review 1. Rajesh Kumar Sharma
2. Nishant Verma
3. K. K. Jha
4. Niraj K. Singh
5. Brijesh Kumar