Current Issue (2015 Volume 3, Issue 1)
IJARI-ME-15-3-103 Thermal Analysis & Optimization of Two Stages Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems Using Sixteen Ecofriendly Refrigerants R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-3-104 Mathematical Approach for Determining the Number of Kanbans: A Step towards Non-Stock Production in Manufacturing Scenario Sudhakara. S
IJARI-ME-15-3-105 Optimization of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems using Mixing of Nanomaterials R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-3-106 Experimental Analysis of Surface Roughness in CNC Turning of Aluminium Using Response Surface Methodology 1. Ranganath. M. S.
2. Vipin
3. Nand Kumar
4. Rakesh Kumar
IJARI-ME-15-3-107 Thermal Analysis & Optimization of Two Stages Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems using Sixteen Ecofriendly Refrigerants R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-3-108 Review on Current Research Work in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining 1. Naveen Kumar
2. Navdeep Malhotra
3. Sk Sharma
IJARI-ME-15-3-109 Methods for Improving Thermal Performance of Three Stage Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems with Flash-Intercooler Using Energy– Exergy Analysis of Eight Ecofriendly Refrigerants 1. R. S. Mishra
2. Kapil Chopra
3. V. Sahni
IJARI-ME-15-3-110 Lean and Agile Manufacturing System Barriers 1. Rahul Sindhwani
2. Vasdev Malhotra
IJARI-ME-15-3-111 Thermo Analysis of Hydrogen Liquefaction System 1. Devender Kumar
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-3-112 Thermodynamic (Exergy-Energy) Analysis of a Low Pressure Kaptiza Claude System for Liquefaction of Gases 1. Devender Kumar
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-3-113 Material Characteristics, Manufacturing Processes and Product Performance: A Review of Some Experimental Studies 1. Praveen Pandey
2. A. K. Chakrabarti
IJARI-ME-15-3-114 Implementation of 5S Methodology in the Small Scale Industry: a Case Study 1. R. S. Agrahari
2. P. A. Dangle
3. K. V. Chandratre
IJARI-ME-15-3-115 A Review of Solar Flat Plate Liquid Collector’s Components Aravind Kumar Chaturvedi
IJARI-ME-15-3-116 Improvement of Process cycle Efficiency by Implementing a Lean Practice: A Case Study 1. R. S. Agrahari
1. P.A. Dangle
2. K. V. Chandratre
IJARI-ME-15-3-117 Effect of Single and Multiple-Pass Friction Stir Processing on Microstructure, Hardness and Tensile Properties of a 99.99% Cu with Carbon Nano Tubes 1. V. Jeganathan Arulmoni
2. Ranganath M. S.
3. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-3-118 Reactive Power Control in the Deregulated Electrical Power Environment using FACT Devices 1. M. Packiasudha
2. S. Suja
IJARI-ME-15-3-119 Thermal Evaporation- Modeling and Microstructure Studies of Indium and Tin Deposition 1. Shailendra Kumar Gaur
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-3-120 Modeling and Analysis for Hardness and Structure of Nonferrous Alloy castings produced using Zcast Metal casting Process through Response Surface Methodology 1. Rajesh Kumar
2. Inderpreet Singh Ahuja
3. Rupinder Singh
IJARI-CS-15-3-102 Speech Analysis Tools As Back-Ends for Bangla Phoneme Recognition Using MFCC, Neural Network, Hamming and Euclidean Distance 1. Md. Atiqul Islam
2. Nur Hossain Khan
3. Md. Hasinur Rahman
4. Md. Abdus Satter
IJARI-CS-15-3-103 A Novel Approach of High-Secured Watermarking System Using Zernike Moments 1. P. Karthik
2. P. Sathiya Priya
IJARI-CS-15-3-104 User Privileged CAPTCHA as Graphical Password for Multistage Authentication 1. M. Anitha
2. G. Saranya
IJARI-CS-15-3-105 Flexible Image Similarity Region Calculation with SRHM Using PMD (Pixel Mismatch Detection) 1. S. Paul Jerry
2. N. S. Usha
IJARI-CS-15-3-106 Alternate Path Selection in IP Networks using Bandwidth Optimization 1. A. Indira Devi
2. N. Arthi
IJARI-CS-15-3-107 Location Privacy and Lifetime Maximization using Low Energy Adaptive Technique in WSN 1. K. Jaisakthi
2. S. Nithyadhevi
IJARI-CS-15-3-108 Enhanced K-Means++ Clustering For Big Data with Mapreduce 1. B. Natarajan
2. P. Chellammal
IJARI-CS-15-3-109 Face Annotation with Weakly Labeled Web Facial Images 1. Swathika S
2. Lakshmi R
3. Sindu Priyadharshini V
IJARI-CV-15-3-103 The Role of Biopesticides as a Challenge and Opportunities in the Field of Agriculture: A Review and Study of Green Chemistry Gaurav Pandey
IJARI-EC-15-3-103 Star Shape Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Application 1. Mohd.Nadeem Khan
2. Atal Kumar Rai
IJARI-EC-15-3-104 Design & Simulation of Back to Back F Shape Slotted Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for Satellite Communication 1. Kiran Upadhyay
2. Sandip Vijay
IJARI-EC-15-3-105 YCbCr Technique based Human Face Recognition 1. Pankaj Singh
2. Sanjay Kumar Singh
3. Nidhi Gaba
IJARI-EC-15-3-106 Comparative Analysis of Different Control Schemes in Delta Domain Using Time Moments 1. Pankaj Singh
2. Nidhi Gaba
IJARI-EC-15-3-107 Analysis & Validation of a MOSFET mobility model using BSIM3v3.2.2 1. Sanjay Kumar Singh
2. Subhanshu Kumar Verma
IJARI-EC-15-3-108 Design & Simulation of TRI Band Microstrip Patch Antenna with Back To Back E Shape Slot 1. Shalabh Gaur
2. Amar Sharma
3. Neelu Trivedi
IJARI-EC-15-3-109 FPGA Implementation of Optimized Spiking Neural Network for Efficient Speak recognition System 1. K. Syedthathul Fathima
2. R. Joshua Arul Kumar
IJARI-EC-15-3-110 Optimization of Acoustic Echo and Noise Reduction in Non Stationary Environment 1. Vincy
2. R. Dr. J. William
IJARI-EC-15-3-111 Ternary Gan Based HEMT for High Frequency Application 1. V. Sagaya Mary
2. P. Murugapandiyan
IJARI-EC-15-3-112 Bit Error Rate Performance Measurement of Wireless MIMO System Based on FPGA 1. Aravind Kumar. S
2. Karthikeyan. S
IJARI-EC-15-3-113 Design of Low Efficiency DSP Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks 1. Nirmal Raj. A
2. Edit Pelinda.S
IJARI-EC-15-3-114 Miniaturization of Bagely Polygon Power Divider using Dual Transmission Line Technique 1. Abdullah.M
2. Kalpana Devi.G
IJARI-EE-15-3-102 “Home Automation” New Approch for Security 1. Jay Prakash Patel
2. Mansi Kapoor
IJARI-EE-15-3-103 Optimal Bidirectional Battery Charger Alexander. S
IJARI-EE-15-3-104 A Three Level AC-DC Converter Using Independent Controller 1. Jayachitra. T
2. Eassaki Muthu Pandi. A
IJARI-EE-15-3-105 Inductor Coupled Single-Input Multiple-Output (SIMO) DC-DC Converter Mohamed Samsudeen. M
IJARI-EE-15-3-106 Step Up Boost Converter for a Photo Voltaic System Using MPPT Nivetha.V
IJARI-EE-15-3-107 FPGA Based PWM of Cascaded Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter 1. Raja. G
2. Meganathan. T
IJARI-EE-15-3-108 Soft Switching of Phase Shifted Full Bridge DC-DC Converter 1. Sasireka.D
2. Esakki Muthu Pandi.A
IJARI-EE-15-3-109 Soft Switching of Phase Shifted Full Bridge DC-DC Converter 1. Suthirganesh. H
2. Kalyanasundaram
IJARI-EE-15-3-110 Comparison of Hybrid Modulation Techniques for a Single Phase Rectifier 1. Manimozhi. V
2. Vigneshwari. R
IJARI-MG-15-3-103 Consumers Attitude towards Various Internet Service Providers Vipin Kumar
IJARI-AS-15-3-103 Reducing Waiting Time of Outdoor Patients in Hospitals Using Different Types of Models: A Systematic Survey Disha Chandra
IJARI-AS-15-3-104 Multi-channel Queues with Setup Time 1. Divya Bakshi
2. Manju Sharma
IJARI-MS-15-03-102 Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in patients admitted in a Tertiary Care Hospital of North India 1. Ankur Kumar
2. Sumit Kumar
3. Umar Farooq
4. Rehana Begum
5. Surbhi Kansal
6. Anusha Venkatesan