Current Issue (2015 Volume 3, Issue 2)
IJARI-ME-15-6-103 Irreversibility Reduction in Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems Using Al2O3 Nano Material Mixed in R718 as Secondary Fluid R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-6-104 Experimental Investigation of twin Groove Hydrodynamic Journal bearing with different Hydraulic Oils (15W40, 20W40, Refined Oil) Maninder Singh
IJARI-ME-15-6-105 Performance Evaluation of Ecofriendly Refrigerants in the Low Temperature Circuit in Terms of First Law and Second Law Efficiency of Three Stages Cascade Vapour Compression Refrigeration of Biomedical Applications R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-6-106 Material Flow and Microstructural Studies in Friction Stir Welding / Processing of Aluminium: A Literature Review 1. V. Jeganathan Arulmoni
2. R.S. Mishra
3. Ranganath M. S
IJARI-ME-15-6-107 Methods for Improving Thermodynamic Performance of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems Using Nano Mixed Ecofriendly Refrigerants in Primary Circuit and Comparsion with Nano Particles Mixed Wih R718 Used in Secondary Evaporator Circuit and Ecofriendly Refrigerants in Primary Circuit for Reducing Global Warming and Ozone Depletion R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-6-108 Effect of electromagnetic field and mechanical milling in the synthesis of metal matrix Nano composite 1. Kapil Kumar
2. Samar Sultan
IJARI-ME-15-6-109 Thermal Evaporation and microstructure study of CdTe 1. Shailendra Kumar Gaur
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-6-110 Alternative Energy Technologies: The Unconventional Dependable 1. Raghvendra Gautam
2. Naveen Kumar
IJARI-ME-15-6-111 Modelling and Optimization of Machining Parameters in Turning of H13 Tool Steel Using Response Surface Methodology-Desirability Function Approach 1. Kapil Kumar
2. Sumit Kumar Mishra
3. Sumit Kumar
IJARI-ME-15-6-112 Total Cross Flow (TCF) Hydrostatic Journal Bearing: A Review Paras Kumar
IJARI-CS-15-6-103 A Fine-Grained Auditing and Verification Technique for Big Data Stored on Cloud 1. A. Thenmozhi
2. P. D.Sheba Kezia Malar Chelvi
IJARI-CS-15-6-104 A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Deadlock-Free Message Routing in Communication Networks 1. Elavarasi
2. G. Raja
IJARI-CS-15-6-105 Stability and Achieving Maximum Throughput Using Slotted Aloha and Csma with Multipacket Reception 1. A. Sangeetha
2. K. Parthiban
3. R. Gopi
IJARI-CS-15-6-106 Blind Extraction of Hidden Data from Digital Media 1. Radha. A
2. Kavitha. N
IJARI-CS-15-6-107 Bootstrap Based Large Scale Data Processing Using Cluster 1. M. Premalatha
2. G. Baskaran
IJARI-CS-15-6-108 Defense against Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification Attacks Based on Adaptive Reputation Based Clustering 1. R. Amutha Priya
2. S. Nandhakumar
IJARI-CS-15-6-109 Detach the Intricate Network for Analyse Broadcast Protocols in AD HOC Network Using Random Channel Usability 1. R. Sangeetha
2. S. NandhaKumar
IJARI-CS-15-6-110 Effectively Secure Data Retrieving for Using Three Different Level Security 1. Sathiya Priya. R
2. V. Gokulakrishnan
IJARI-CS-15-6-111 Efficient Anonymity Authentication Using Quorum Sensing Protocol in Wireless Mobile Networks 1. A. Sindhuja
2. J. Sasi Devi
3. R. Aarthy
IJARI-CS-15-6-112 Efficient and Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Storage by Using Encryption Techniques 1. J. Jayalakshmi
2. P. Shanmuga Priya
IJARI-CS-15-6-113 Face Detection via Bayesian Model with Homogeneity Property 1. H. S. Shukla
2. Ravi Verma
IJARI-CS-15-6-114 Robust Visual Tracking for Multiple Targets with Data Association and Track Management 1. N. Mahalakshmi
2. S. R. Saranya
IJARI-CS-15-6-115 Stability and Capacity of Regular Information Theory and Communication Networks 1. Nirosa S
2. Gokulakrishnan V
IJARI-EC-15-6-102 Porcelain versus Polymer Insulator- A Changing Era in Transmission Lines 1. K. R. Suri
2. A. Gupta
3. Y. Anand
4. S. Anand
IJARI-EE-15-6-103 Simulation and Implementation of Dual-Stage Design Buck and Boost Converters for Low Power Applications 1. Arunakumar Siddappa Bhosale
2. C. Lakshminarayana
IJARI-EE-15-6-104 Antitheft System in Vehicle with Automatic Headlights 1. Shashank Shekhar
2. Mustafa Kamal
3. Anurag Joshi
4. Ravi Kumar
5. Vaibhav Nigam
IJARI-EE-15-6-105 Design and Development of ARM Based Remote Control Car Unit for Search Missions 1. Keerthana. K
2. A. Usha
IJARI-EE-15-6-106 Single Phase Series Resonant Inverter with Automatic Control 1. Meenakshi Chaudhary
2. Shikhar Agarwal
3. Piyush Karanwal
4. Amit Kumar
IJARI-EE-15-6-107 Speed Control of Single Phase Induction Motor by Using Wireless Technology 1. Nishu Rani
2. Mayur Agarwal
3. Pawan Kumar
4. Pankaj Kumar
IJARI-EE-15-6-108 Eye-Blink and Head Movement Based Emergency Braking System 1. Shikha Rani
2. Shilpi Verma
3. Rupali Verma
4. Lakshay Kumar
5. Nishu Rani
6. Mayur Agarwal
7. Pawan Kumar
IJARI-EE-15-6-109 Speed Control of Single Phase Induction Motor by Using Wireless Technology 1. Deepa R
2. A. N. Nagashree
3. Anand
IJARI-EE-15-6-110 Implementation of Industrial Communication Protocal for Power Electronic Device 1. Sathya K.
2. R. S. Geetha
IJARI-EE-15-6-111 Hybrid Energy System Modelling for a Battery Operated Vehicle 1. Allam Venkata Surendra Babu
2. S. Pradeepa
3. Siva Subba Rao Patange
IJARI-BE-15-6-104 Wireless and Wearable EEG Sensor for Preventing the Vehicle Accident 1. A. K. Nivedha
2. D. Ajith Kumar
IJARI-BE-15-6-105 Continuous Intraocular Pressure Monitoring by Non-Invasive Wireless Pressure Sensor 1. R. Shafny Reshiah
2. J. Sam Alaric
IJARI-BE-15-6-106 Antibiotic Effect of Leaf Extract from Plectranthus Amboinicus (Lour) Spreng in Asthma 1. R. Yuthistran
2. C. Balakrishnan
3. R. Buddhan
IJARI-AS-15-6-102 World we live in and our Responsibilities Mani Bansal
IJARI-PH-15-06-102 Gastro retentive Ethyl Cellulose Floating Microspheres containing ATENOLOL 1. Reena Kumari
2. Nishant Verma
3. Nidhi Chaudhary
4. Umesh Kumar
5. Navneet Thakkar
IJARI-PH-15-06-103 Gastro Retentive Floating Microspheres a New Trend of Drug Delivery System 1. Reena Kumari
2. Nishant Verma
3. Nidhi Chaudhary
4. Umesh Kumar
5. Navneet Thakkar