Conference Issue - 2015
ICARI-ME-15-01-103 Performance Study of Diesel Engine Using Nanofuel   1. Nishant Mohan
2. Mayank Sharma
3. R. C. Singh
4. R. K. Pandey
ICARI-ME-15-01-104 Performance Evaluation of Ecofriendly Refrigerants in the Low Temperature Circuit in Terms of First Law and Second Law Efficiency of Three Stages Cascade Vapour Compression Refrigeration of Biomedical Applications   R. S. Mishra
ICARI-ME-15-01-105 Study of Nanostructured Co and Al doped ZnO films   1. Atikur Rahman
2. Chitrashi Mahajan
ICARI-ME-15-01-106 Sustainability Analysis in Terms Energy and Exergy Evaluation of Two-Stage Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using Eight Ecofriendly Refrigerants 1. Kapil Chopra
2. V. Sahni
3. R. S. Mishra
ICARI-ME-15-01-107 Designing and Fabrication of Intercooler and Control of Three Phase Digitalized Reciprocating Air Compressor Test Rig with Automatic Control Drive Unit   1. Kanwar J.S Gill
2. Surinder Pal Singh
3. Gurpreet Singh
4. Malinder Singh
ICARI-ME-15-01-108 Importance of Design History to Renovate Cad Model Errors 1. Rajesh Kumar
2. Kanwar J.S Gill
ICARI-ME-15-01-109 Designing and Fabrication of Electro-Pneumatic Trainer Kit 1. Kanwar J. S. Gill
2. Roshan Kumar
3. Sushil Kumar
ICARI-ME-15-01-110 To Study the Effect of Various Additives on Vulcanized Rubber – A Review 1. Rahul Joshi
2. Rupinder Singh
3. Simeranpreet Singh Gill
4. Kanwar J. S. Gill
ICARI-ME-15-01-111 Designing, Fabrication and Control of Three Phase Digitalized Reciprocating Pump Test Rig with Automatic Control Drive Unit 1. Kanwar J. S. Gill
2. Tarun Dhiman
ICARI-ME-15-01-112 Thermal Analysis Validation for Different Design Tubes in a Heat Exchanger 1. Roshan. V. Marode
2. Ashok. J. Keche
ICARI-ME-15-01-113 Effect of electromagnetic field and mechanical milling in the synthesis of metal matrix Nano composite 1. Kapil Kumar
2. Samar Sultan
ICARI-ME-15-01-115 Thermo Analysis of Hydrogen Liquefaction System 1. Devender Kumar
2. R. S. Mishra
ICARI-ME-15-01-116 Experimental Performance Analysis of Earth-Air Heat Exchanger for Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly HVAC Systems Saifullah Zaphar
ICARI-ME-15-01-117 Skill Development and Empowerment of Rural India through Renewable Energy Education, Training and Innovation: The Role of Delhi Technological University 1. J. P. Kesari
2. R. S. Mishra
3. Anubhav Uppal
4. Mohit Arora
ICARI-ME-15-01-118 Common Defects in Grey Cast Iron Products, their Causes and Remedies - Case Study 1. Farooq Ahmed
2. Saood Ali
3. Zakaullah Zaka
ICARI-ME-15-01-119 Lean and Agile Manufacturing System Barriers 1. Rahul Sindhwani
2. Vasdev Malhotra
ICARI-ME-15-01-120 Thermodynamic (Exergy-Energy) Analysis of a Low Pressure Kaptiza Claude System for Liquefaction of Gases 1. Devender Kumar
2. R. S. Mishra
ICARI-ME-15-01-121 Decision Making Using AHP under Reverse Supply Chain Environment for EOL Products 1. Sana Malik
2. Aradhana Kumari
3. Saurabh Agrawal
ICARI-ME-15-01-122 Fuel Adulteration, Problem and Mitigation Strategies: A Review 1. Naveen Garg
2. Shashank Mohan
3. Amit Pal
4. R. S. Mishra
ICARI-ME-15-01-125 Biodiesel Production from High Free Fatty Acid Feed stocks through Transesterification 1. Sanjay Mohite
2. Sudhir Kumar
3. Amit Pal
4. Sagar Maji
ICARI-ME-15-01-126 Quad-Rotor Unmanned Arial Vehicle – A Review 1. Rajiv Chaudhary
2. Ranganath M. S.
3. R. C. Singh
4. Arjav Desai
5. Aakash Chaudhary
6. Mayank Garg
ICARI-ME-15-01-127 Effect of Cutting Parameters of Turning Process on Cutting Tool vibrations and surface roughness of stainless steel using Taguchi Method 1. Vineet Tirth
2. Munish Chhabra
3. Vijay Singh
ICARI-ME-15-01-128 Analysis of Ball Bearings under Dynamic Loading Using Non-Destructive Technique of Thermography 1. R. C. Singh
2. R. K. Pandey
3. Rajiv Chaudhary
4. Ranganath M S
5. Himanshu Saxena
ICARI-ME-15-01-132 Selection of Best Dental Chair for Dental Clinic using Trapezoidal Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making Model with Entropy Weights 1. Kiran Pal
2. Hari Arora
3. Vijay Kumar
ICARI-ME-15-01-133 Wind Energy Conversion Systems - A Review 1. Gargi Sharma
2. Prem Chand Gupta
3. Bharat B. Gupta
4. K. K. Dubey
ICARI-ME-15-01-135 Performance Evaluation of a Cogeneration Based Fertilizer Plant: A Case Study 1. Devendra Kumar Pathak
2. Deevesh Sharma
3. Harshit Kumar Khandelwal
ICARI-ME-15-01-136 A Cycle Simulation Model for Bio-Fueled Conventional Engine 1. Bhanu Pratap Singh
2. Jyoti Kumar Sagar
3. Satendra Singh
ICARI-ME-15-01-137 Performance Enhancement in Working of Single Slope Solar Still using Different Modifications 1. Khoob Singh
2. Harish Kumar
3. Manish Kumar
ICARI-ME-15-01-138 Machining of Unidirectional Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymers (UD-GFRP) Composites -A Review 1. Rajesh Kumar Verma
2. Saurav Datta
3. Pradip Kumar Pal
ICARI-ME-15-01-139 Simulated Annealing for Vehicle Routing Problem 1. Sidharth Jain
2. Tanvi Lamba
3. Vaibhav Verma
4. Ankush Gupta
5. Saurabh Agarwal
ICARI-ME-15-01-140 Supply Chain Management in Automotive Industries 1. Ankit Singh
2. Bharat S Bisht
3. Deepak Jain
4. Tarun Arora
5. Saurabh Agrawal
ICARI-ME-15-01-141 Current Emerging Trends in Optimization of Cutting Parameters in CNC Turning: A Review 1. Sagun Sagar
2. Sandeep
3. Shubhendra
4. Vaibhav Semwal
5. Anmol Bhatia
6. Rajeev Kumar
ICARI-ME-15-01-144 Study on Application of Lean Manufacturing Tools for Performance Improvement 1. Kritika Batra
2. Praneeth Rao
3. Ronit Choudhury
4. R. K. Singh
5. Shaina Singh
ICARI-ME-15-01-145 An Introduction to Tensegrity Structures 1. Bhrigu Joshi
2. Feras Al-Hakkak
ICARI-ME-15-01-148 Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems using Fuzzy Logic: A Review Anjali Shrivastava
ICARI-ME-15-01-149 Tribological Analysis of Etched Mild Steel Surface 1. Rooplal
2. R. C. Singh
3. Ranganath M. S.
4. Gaurav Shukla
ICARI-ME-15-01-150 Investigation of Wear Behavior of Aluminium Alloy and Comparison with Pure Aluminium 1. Rooplal
2. R. C. Singh
3. Ranganath M. S.
4. Ankit Kumar Saxena
ICARI-ME-15-01-153 Mechatronic System Modeling and Analysis of Quad Rotor UAV 1. Rajiv Chaudhary
2. Ranganath M S
3. R. C. Singh
4. Arjav Desai
5. Gagan Sharma
6. Abhilash Kumar
ICARI-ME-15-01-158 Alternative Energy Technologies: The Unconventional Dependable 1. Raghvendra Gautam
2. Naveen Kumar
ICARI-ME-15-01-159 Quality Assessment in Hospital: A Case Study 1. Yogesh Kalyan
2. Rajat Bansal
3. Shubham Mathur
4. R K Singh
ICARI-ME-15-01-160 Optimization of Machining Parameters for Turning Mild Steel Using Design of Experiment 1. Parshvam Jain
2. Ranganath M S
3. Vipin
4. R. S. Mishra
5. Sushil Kumar
6. Karan Singh Tanwar
ICARI-ME-15-01-161 Modelling and Optimization of Machining Parameters in Turning of H13 Tool Steel Using Response Surface Methodology-Desirability Function Approach 1. Kapil Kumar
2. Sumit Kumar Mishra
3. Sumit Kumar
ICARI-ME-15-01-164 Total Cross Flow (TCF) Hydrostatic Journal Bearing: A Review Paras Kumar
ICARI-ME-15-01-165 Study of Best Practices and Challenges for Logistics Providers in India 1. Anchal Gupta
2. Rajesh K. Singh
3. P. K. Suri
ICARI-ME-15-01-173 Simulation of Injector in Cold Spray Process by Fluent-6 1. Sameer Kumar
2. Md. Zunaid
3. Qasim Murtaza
4. N.A. Ansari
5. Akhilesh Arora
ICARI-ME-15-01-175 No Load and Load Test of Black Nickel Coated Solar Cooker Without using reflector in Surat, India and Validating against Indian standards 1. Suresh Chandra Pal
2. S. A. Channiwala
3. Ashok Kumar Yadav
4. Shatrughan Singh
5. Gaurav Gupta
ICARI-ME-15-01-176 Quality Assessment in Hospital: A Case Study 1. Yogesh Kalyan
2. Rajat Bansal
3. Shubham Mathur
4. R. K. Singh
ICARI-PE-15-01-102 Building a Blue Print for Service Quality for Indian Small & Medium Manufacturing Enterprises 1. S. K. Gandhi
2. Anish Sachdeva
3. Ajay Gupta
ICARI-PE-15-01-103 Current State of Plastic Recycling in India 1. Navendu Sharma
2. Amish
3. Saurabh Agrawal
ICARI-CS-15-01-104 Comparison of Different Detection Techniques Based on Enhanced Double Weight Code in Optical Code Division Multiple Access System 1. Ila Rao
2. Deshraj Rana
ICARI-CS-15-01-105 Age Synthesis and Assessment via Face Recognition 1. H.S. Shukla
2. Ravi Verma
ICARI-CS-15-01-106 Database Security Measurements Issues in Adhoc Network 1. Reena Gangwar
2. M. K. Sharma
ICARI-CS-15-01-107 Designing Issues for E-Learning Modules in Cloud Platform   1. Sonia Duggal
1. Nasir Ali
2. M. K. Sharma
ICARI-CS-15-01-108 Data Collection Method to Improve Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Network   1. Khushboo Gupta
2. K. P. Yadav
ICARI-CS-15-01-109 Challenge in Route Discovery Process of Dynamically Arranged Multitier Protocol in Wireless Network 1. Vineet Saxena
2. Rajeev Kumar
ICARI-CS-15-01-110 Protagonist of Visual Tracking in 3D Internet: A Case Study   Nitika Verma
ICARI-CS-15-01-111 Secure Key Exchange in Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Algorithm   1. Kamal Kr. Gola
2. Rahul Rathore
3. Vaibhav Sharma
4. Manisha Kandpal
ICARI-CS-15-01-112 A Load Balancing technique through Jini in Distributed Processing   1. Rajeev Sharma
2. Rupak Sharma
ICARI-CS-15-01-114 Analysis of Location and Zone Based Routing in Vanet Using IEEE802.11P   1. Akhtar Husain
2. S. C. Sharma
ICARI-CS-15-01-115 Enhanced Data Security on Cloud Based using Encryption Algorithm, Elliptic Curve Cryptography & Blowfish Algorithm   1. Neetu Sharma
2. Monika Kansal
ICARI-CS-15-01-117 Developing A Simple Net Shield for Securing Personal Computer Using IP Filter Hook Driver   1. Sahana Lokesh R
2. H. S. Saraswathi
ICARI-CS-15-01-118 Comparative Analysis of Cryptography Cipher Techniques   1. Laukendra Singh
2. Rahul Johari
ICARI-CS-15-01-131 Quality of Service Based Handoff Schemes for WiMAX/WLAN Networks   1. Surya Prakash
2. Sachin Verma
3. Ravi Shukla
4. Zubair Khan
ICARI-EC-15-01-103 An Overview of Face Recognition Schemes 1. Nisha Patel
2. Shailendra Kumar Dewangan
ICARI-EC-15-01-105 Quick Review on Multiplication Algorithm for Enhancing Efficiency of MAC Unit 1. Irshad Khan
2. Sunil Shah
3. Vinod Kapse
ICARI-EE-15-01-103 Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting 1. Nisha Patel
2. Shailendra Kumar Dewangan
ICARI-EE-15-01-104 Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Approach 1. Kamini Devi
2. Rameshwar Singh
3. Shailendra Gautam
4. Deepak Nagaria
ICARI-EE-15-01-105 Double Input Z-Source DC-DC Converter Fed with Separately Excited DC Motor 1. Shobhan Babu. B
2. B. Sreenu
ICARI-EE-15-01-106 Distribution free Variable Step Size Normalized Least Means Square Algorithm Deman Kosale
ICARI-EE-15-01-107 Designing of Lag compensator using Matlab 1. Aanchal Baranwal
2. Priyanshi Vishnoi
3. Shreya Bansal
4. Kapil Gandhi
ICARI-EE-15-01-108 Corrosion: A General Review 1. Shikhar Agarwal
2. Sachin Kumar
3. Mayur Agarwal
4. Mustafa Kamal
ICARI-EE-15-01-109 Electrical Bioimpedance: Methods and Applications 1. Padma Batra
2. Rajiv Kapoor
ICARI-EE-15-01-112 Application of Cloud Computing In Smart Grid: A Review 1. Pradeep Kumar Verma
2. Himanshu Sharma
ICARI-EE-15-01-113 Particle Swarm Optimization Based Performance Investigation of Self-Excited Induction Generator 1. Duli Chand Meena
2. Dheeraj Joshi
ICARI-DE-15-01-102 Emerging and Alternative Refrigeration Technologies for Food Industry 1. Judal A L
2. Bhadania A G
ICARI-DE-15-01-103 Automation in Dairy and Food Processing Industry 1. Ashwin Judal
2. A. G. Bhadania
ICARI-DE-15-01-107 Role of Machine Vision System in Food Quality and Safety Evaluation 1. Ashwin Judal
2. A. G. Bhadania
ICARI-DE-15-01-108 Sensory Instruments and Its Application in Dairy and Food Industry 1. P. R. Chaudhari
2. A. L. Judal
ICARI-DE-15-01-109 Chemical Unit Operations for Wastewater Treatment 1. P. R. Chaudhari
2. K D Aparnathi
3. J B Upadhyay
4. A L Judal
ICARI-DE-15-01-110 Biological Unit operation for waste water treatment: Aerobic Process 1. A. L. Judal
2. A. G. Bhadania
3. J. B. Upadhyay
ICARI-AS-15-01-103 Technologies for Aromatics Extraction and Production of Food Grade Hexane and Petrochemical Grade Hexane 1. Navneet Kumar
2. Shashank Sharma
3. S. K. Khanna
ICARI-AS-15-01-106 A Kinetics Study of Solvent Effect on Thermodynamics Activation Parameter on alkali catalyzed Solvolysis of Methyl Salicylate in water-DMF Media A. K. Singh
ICARI-AS-15-01-108 Spectral Analysis of River Ramganga Hydraulics using Discrete Wavelet Transforms 1. Anil Kumar
2. Sachin Kumar
3. Jugal K. Pathak
ICARI-AS-15-01-109 Analyzing and Forecasting the Mobile Teledensity Growth in India 1. Ramesh Srivastava
2. Bhavya Sharma
3. Nand Kumar
4. Ranganath M. S.
ICARI-AS-15-01-114 A Study on pH sensing property of Carboxymethyl guar gum /Silver Nanocomposites 1. A. P. Gupta
2. Devendra Kumar Verma
3. P. Smitaa
4. Abhinav Saini
ICARI-AS-15-01-115 Comparative Analysis of Dividend Forecasting Methods 1. R. Srivastava
2. Chandramauli Gupta
3. Himanshu Gupta
4. Naunidh Singh
5. Nand Kumar
ICARI-AS-15-01-117 Mathematical Modelling of Crop Yield Forecasting and Forewarning of Pests/Diseases 1. R. Srivastava
2. Chandramauli Gupta
3. Himanshu Gupta
4. Naunidh Singh
5. Nand Kumar
ICARI-AS-15-01-119 Observation of Self-excited Dust Acoustic Waves (DAW) in Strong-Coupling Regime A. K. Agarwal
ICARI-AS-15-01-120 Assesmentof Water quality of Ram Ganga River in Moradabad District, Uttar Pradesh, India 1. Bhupander Kumar
2. Vikas Gupta
ICARI-AS-15-01-121 Impacts of Science and Technology on Environment Mamta Singh
ICARI-AS-15-01-123 Optimal Scheduling with Transportation Time and Equivalent Item for Item-Block Pradeep Kashyap
ICARI-MG-15-01-103 Impact of E-HRM System on Organizational Performance: A Case study on Banking Sector Preeti Bharti
ICARI-MG-15-01-104 Influence of Social Media Marketing in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 1. Supriti Agrawal
2. Navjot Kaur
ICARI-MG-15-01-106 Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Market of India: Challenges & Prospects Devesh Kumar
ICARI-MG-15-01-107 Managing Diversity at the Workplace in India Mrinalini Pathak
ICARI-BE-15-01-102 Mobile Recording Microscope 1. S. Saravana Prakash
2. S. Pravin Kumar
ICARI-MS-15-01-102 Internet of Life (IOL) 1. Abhijeet Kumar
2. Apoorva Sharma
ICARI-MS-15-01-103 Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in patients admitted in a Tertiary Care Hospital of North India 1. Ankur Kumar
2. Sumit Kumar
3. Umar Farooq
4. Rehana Begum
5. Surbhi Kansal
6. Anusha Venkatesan
ICARI-HU-15-01-103 Technological & Educational Advancement in Indian Society 1. Gyanendra Singh Pundhir
2. Raagini Pundhir
ICARI-HU-15-01-107 English Pronunciation and Its Shortcomings: How to Overcome Reena Mittal
ICARI-PH-15-01-106 Recent Advances in the Complementary and Alternative Medication: How Far Will It Go In Future 1. Anupriya Kasumwal
2. Navjot Kaur