ICEICT - 2015
iceict2015i010315004 Wireless MIMO-Antenna Based Communication System   1. Sweetlin F.
2. Pavithra V.
iceict2015i010315005 Low Power Efficient D-Latch Based Carry-Select Adder   1. Deenadhayalan M.
2. Poomurugan R.
iceict2015i010315006 Cloud Based Intelligent System for Delivering Health Care System   1. Deepa P. S.
2. Sathish Kumar
iceict2015i010315007 Embedded System for Hazardous Haze Detection using Wireless Technology   1. Kannan T.
2. S. Suresh
iceict2015i010315008 Securing Outsourced Storages in Clouds   1. Gowsalya. K
2. Sumathi R.
iceict2015i010315009 Integration of NOC Architecture with Classical Bus Based System   1. Manikandan. M
2. Ramya. R
iceict2015i010315012 LUT Optimization of Adaptive Filter using Distributed Arithmetic   1. Rajesh. R
2. N. Porutchelvam
iceict2015i010315013 FPGA Implementation of Advanced High Performance Bus Protocol for System on Chip Integration   1. Suseendran. K
2. Porutselvam. N
iceict2015i010315020 Sink Repositioning Method to Improve the Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks   1. G. Manoj Robin Jebamani
2. M. Kalpana
iceict2015i020215001 Energy Conservation by Traffic Switching Process in Cellular Radio Access Networks   1. Sugasini. S
2. I. Muthumani
iceict2015i020315001 Performance Evaluation of Nine-Level Modified Cascaded Symmetric Inverters with Different PWM Techniques   1. P. Ramprakash
2. S. Titus
iceict2015i020315002 Design and Analysis of triple Band Antenna for Wearable Application   1. D. Manoj
2. M. Kasthuri Prasanth
3. M. Prasanth
4. P. Siva Gnanam
iceict2015i020315005 Secure Communication for Lightweight Privacy-Preserving to Hybrid AD HOC Wireless Networks   Vidhya.D
iceict2015i030315007 Guaranteed Multicast Scheduling in All Optical Interconnects   1. C. Subashree
2. N. Mary Helen
iceict2015i030315009 Beam forming and Papr Reduction using MRT and EGT in MIMO OFDM System   1. P. Revathi
2. P. Arul Marry
iceict2015i030315010 Color Image Steganography with Double Encryption   1. Bowsiya Begum M
2. Selvamary D
iceict2015i100215001 Simultaneous All-Optical Down Conversion of WDM Radio-Over-Fiber Signals   1. A. Hemalatha
2. D. Helena Marget
3. V. Sutha
iceict2015i110215001 Performance Analysis of Downlink Transmission in WDM-PON using Manchester and Dicode Coding   1. M. Sudha
2. D. Helena Margaret
iceict2015i130215001 Design of U Shaped Triple Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Application   1. R. Priyanka
2. C. Mahendran
iceict2015i160215001 Evolutionary Programming and Iteration Particle Swarm Optimization for Optimal Spinning Reserve of a Wind-Thermal Power System   1. Nanthini C.
2. Dhayalini K.
iceict2015i240215002 FPGA Design of Low Power Launch-Off-Shift and Launch-Off-Capture Testing   1. R. Veeramani
2. S. Devi Poonguzhali
iceict2015i250215007 Real Time Video Compression and Novelty Detection using HMM Algorithm   1. J. Vaishnavi
2. A. Kavitha
iceict2015i260215012 Enhanced K-Means++ Clustering For Big Data with Mapreduce   1. B. Natarajan
2. P. Chellammal
iceict2015i260215015 Automatic Coin Sorter and Counter using the Combination of Labview and Matlab   1. Maruthu Pandian
2. Monicka P. K.
iceict2015i280115001 Compact Multiband Microstrip Patch Antenna with H and U Slots   1. G. Vinothini
2. C. Mahendran
iceict2015i280215002 Improved Error Correction Capability using Parity Matrix Code   1. X. Susan Christiana
2. K. Javid
3. C. Mahalakshmi
iceict2015i290115001 Novel Compact T-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wideband Application   1. A. K. Thasleem Sulthana
2. C. Mahendran
iceict2015i290115002 Statistical Rigorous Traffic Pattern Protection Process against Hacking in MANETS   1. J. Jeya Pratha
2. I. Muthumani
iceict2015i290115003 Design and Analysis of OCDMA System with Different Detection Technique   1. S. Deepika
2. I. Muthumani
iceict2015i030215001 Multiuser Based on Subcarrier Multiplexing with Spacing of 5Ghz in Radio over Fiber System using Direct Detection Method   1. K. Sasikala
2. D. Helena
iceict2015i300115001 Detection and Recovery of Packet Drop under Network Layer Attack in MANET   1. C. Deepika Shiny
2. I. Muthumani
iceict2015i010315001 Low Power Architecture and FPGA Design for Effective Detection of Recycled IC   1. Ragasudha. S.
2. Rajendra Kumar.M.G
iceict2015i020315021 High Performance and Energy Efficient SRAM-based Architecture for TCAM   1. Mahalakshmi R
2. Gayathri. M
iceict2015i040315009 High Performance and Low Complexity Equalization Techniques by Multi-H CPM   1. C. Srinivasan
2. E. Vinoth
iceict2015i050315003 Design of Hexagonal Shaped Micro-Strip Patch Antenna Using CPW-FED   1. S. Gnanasowndari
2. R. Pradeepa
3. A. Ramya
2. J. Saranya
iceict2015i280215006 Recommender System with Collaborative Filtering Approach for Bigdata Application   Bharathi S
iceict2015i010315020 Sink Repositioning Method to Improve the Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks   1. G.Manoj Robin Jebamani
2. M. Kalpana
iceict2015i020315011 Design and Analysis of Flower Shaped Microstrip Antenna Using Metamaterial for Military Application   1. M. Keerthana
2. R. Manobala
3. N. Keerthana
4. R. Sumithra
iceict2015i020315014 Graphene- The Revolutionary Wonder Material in Electronics   1. S. Sandhiya
2. P. Kanikabharathi
iceict2015i020315024 Power Quality Improvement by Using Active Filter with Hysteresis Band Controller   1. S. Bharathkumar
2. S. Satheesh
iceict2015i030315001 Design of High Performance Radio Frequency Band Pass Filter   1. Jenifer Dafe. R
2. Anbu Priya. R
iceict2015i030315004 High Performance NOC Router Design   1. Brinda. M
2. Devipoonguzhali. S
iceict2015i030315012 Mine Classification of Sonar Image Using K-NN Method   1. Thirumangaiselvi E
2. Arulmary P
iceict2015i040315007 A Low Complexity Antenna Switching for Joint Wireless Information and Energy Transfer in MIMO Relay Channels   1. A. Sheik Abdulla
2. N. Parvatham
iceict2015i040315010 Muti Level Physical Layer Coding Based on Optimal and L Array Mapping for Gaussian Relaying Channels   1. M. Kamesh
2. S. Shobana
iceict2015i050315002 A Novel for Unmaned Irrigation Based on WSN Architecture   1. B. Karthikeyan
2. M. Karthikeyan
3. R. Narayanan
4. C. Suresh
iceict2015i050315004 Electronic Toll Collection Using Portable RFID TAG with Antitheft System   1. S. P. Edison
2. M. Kirubahar
3. R. Nandhakumar
4. T. K. Naveenraj
iceict2015i050315005 Wireless Sensor Network for LDR & Gas Surveillance Application   1. G. Kamalakannan
2. S. Praveen
3. G. Kaviyarasu
4. K. Kumaran
iceict2015i230215003 Remote Plant Monitoring and Controlling System Using Digital Image Processing by Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic   1. Mohammed Haleth .M
2. Praveen Kumar .M
iceict2015i260215005 A Robust and Reconfigurable Multi-Mode Power Gating Architecture   1. S. Syedhusain
2. L. Papayee
iceict2015i270215006 Energy Efficient Analysis on Optimum Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks   1. Vishnupriya E
2. T. Jayasankar
3. P. Maheswara Venkatesh
iceict2015i270215010 Power Quality Improvement in Integrated Renewable Energy System Using Intelligent Control System   1. S. Titus
2. S. Subashini
iceict2015i020315008 Scalable & Efficient De-Duplication File System for Virtual Machine Images   Poonguzhali. S B. Tech
iceict2015i020315010 Delay Tolerant Networks on Trust Based Dynamic Data for Secure Routing   1. Suganya.S
2. M. Anandha Kumar
iceict2015i030315005 Wind-Thermal Coordination Using Genetic Algorithm   1. T. Vijaikumar
2. R. Saravanan
iceict2015i030315013 Optimal Subcarrier Power Allocation in of dm Based Cognitive Radio Networks by using Gradient Based Methods   1. M. Hemalatha
2. A.Kiruthika Devi
iceict2015i040315001 Reactive Power Optimization by using Sequential Quadratic Programming   1. Suresh.V
2. Varadarajan.M
iceict2015i040315006 Automated External Defibrillator Using Flying Robotic Ambulance   1. Saranya Krishnamoorthy
2. Sindhu Murugesan
iceict2015i050315001 Three Phase Inverter Using Coupled Inductor for Grid – Connected Photovoltaic System   1. G. Kanimozhi.
2. S. Rakkammal.
iceict2015i060315001 Bidirectional AC/DC Converter Using Feed-Forward Control for PV Systems   1. S.Vinodhini
2. S.Bharath kumar
iceict2015i240215001 FPGA Design of Low Power Efficient Carry-Select Adder in MIMO-OFDM Systems   1. S.Vinodhini
2. S.Divya
3. S.SyedAkbar
iceict2015i260215001 Generating Reference Current and Voltage Control of Static Compensator during Voltage Sags   1. Thameem Ansari R
2. Mohamed Badcha Y
iceict2015i260215003 Efficiency Optimization of an Open loop Controlled Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive using Adaptive Neural Networks   1. Vinoth Kumar P
2. Sivakumar P.S
3. Srinivasan V
iceict2015i260215004 Power Control Flexibilities for Grid-Connected Multi-Functional Photovoltaic Inverters   1. Aravindhan G V
2. Ranjithkumar S
3. Mohamed Shihabdeen F
4. Imran Ali M
5. Anbukumar R
iceict2015i260215008 Fuzzy Optimised Power Generation from Moving Vehicles   1. Roohi Banu I
2. Sindhu T
3. Vinothini S P
4. Yamini J P
5. Bharath Kumar S
iceict2015i270215005 Design of SQRT CSLA for Low Power Multiplier   1. P.Rajasekar
2. R. Ponnangan
iceict2015i280215001 An Adaptive Security Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks   G. Kavitha
iceict2015i300315002 Location Based Cluster Head Selection Technique for Under Water Wireless Sensor Network   1. Gulista Khan
2. Kamal Kr. Gola
3. Vaibhav Sharma
4. Rahul Rathore
iceict2015i300315003 Universal De-Noising Framework with a New Impulse Detector Algorithm   1. Rahul Sachdeva
2. Ranganath M S
iceict2015i300315004 Shortcomings of Quantum and the usage of Classical Cryptography: A Review   1. Sahana Lokesh R
2. T.N Srikanth
3. H.S Saraswathi