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NCMTAEP-2016-1 Image compression by discrete wavelet transforms using global thresholding 1. Anil Kumar
2. Meenu Kumari
NCMTAEP-2016-2 Parthenium Invasion in Rampur District of UP–An Unrecognized Threat 1. Anupam Pratap Singh
2. Beena Kumari
NCMTAEP-2016-3 Noise Compression of EPIC Generated ECG Signal 1. Anurag Agarwal
2. Ambalika Sharma
3. SK Agarwal
NCMTAEP-2016-4 Development in Field of Optical Fiber Communication: An Analytical Consideration 1. Asad Ali khan
2. VK Sharma
NCMTAEP-2016-5 Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) of Multilayer CdS Thin Films 1. Jitendra Singh
2. Kapil Sirohi
3. Pushpendra Singh
NCMTAEP-2016-6 X-RayDifferectionof Multilayer CdS/Polyaniline Thin Films 1. JitendraSingh
2. Kapil Sirohi
3. Pushpendra Singh
4. Rohitash Singh
NCMTAEP-2016-7 Dual Solutions for Flow and Heat Transfer of a Non-Newtonian fluid over a shrinking sheet 1. V Singh
2. Shweta Agarwal
3. Sanjeev Rajan
NCMTAEP-2016-8 Analysis of CR-Submanifolds of Nearly and Product Kahlerian Manifold 1. Swadesh Singh
2. Poonam Singh
NCMTAEP-2016-9 K β′ single Plasmon low energy satellites in XPS Spectra of certain elements 1. Sanjeet Pratap Singh
NCMTAEP-2016-10 Thermo Luminescence Properties of EU Doped BAM Phosphor 1. Rohitash Singh
2. Vinit Kumar
NCMTAEP-2016-11 Applications of Wavelet Packets to Wave Propagations 1. Rakesh Kumar
2. Sachin Kumar
3. Yogendra Singh
NCMTAEP-2016-12 Synthesis, characterisation & spectral studies of Titanium (IV) complexes with 2’-carboxy phthalianilic acid (2’-CPAA) derived from acid amide and effect on plant growth 1. Pawan Kumar Shukla
2. Seema Intezar
NCMTAEP-2016-13 Path Towards 25% Efficient Solar Cells and Beyond 1. Mudit Singhal
2. Mukul Kishore
NCMTAEP-2016-14 Radiation dose in the indoor atmosphere due to radon and thoron 1. MSA Khan
NCMTAEP-2016-15 Tensor Analysis and its Applications in Physics 1. Quddus Khan
NCMTAEP-2016-16 Mode to mode energy transfer in magneto hydrodynamic turbulence 1. Madan Lal
2. Swati Agarwal
NCMTAEP-2016-17 Mathematical analysis on blood flow in stenotic inclined artery 1. Madan Lal
2. Yantish Dev Jha
NCMTAEP-2016-18 Signal Denoising of 1-D Signal with Optimal Base Wavelet 1. Anil Kumar

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