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Volume 1, Issue 1

IJARI-ME-13-08-101 Experimental Studies for Accessing the Influence of Micro-Dimple Area Density on Tribological Performance of Mating Contacts 1. R. C. Singh
2. R. K. Pandey
3. S. Maji
IJARI-ME-13-08-102 Optimization of Process Parameters in Turning Operation of Aluminium (6061) with Cemented Carbide Inserts Using Taguchi Method and Anova 1. Ranganath M S
2. Vipin
3. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-13-08-103 Lifelong Learning: Helping India to Emerge as a Technology Driven Knowledge Based Society and Economy 1. Mehta Jaydip Chandrakant
IJARI-ME-13-08-104 Optimization of Process Parameters in Turning Operation Using Taguchi Method and Anova: A Review 1. Ranganath M S
2. Vipin
IJARI-ME-13-08-106 Thermal analysis of a Claude system for Liquefaction of Various Gases   1. Devender Kumar
2. R. S. Mishra

IJARI-EN-13-08-107 Limnological Studies Related to Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Water in Anasagar Lake, Ajmer, Rajasthan 1. Abhas Jain
2. S. K. Singh

IJARI-ME-13-08-108 Energetic and Exergetic Based Comparison Multiple Evaporators with Compound Compression and Flash Intercooler with Individual or Multiple Throttle Valves 1. Kapil Chopra
2. V. Sahni
3. R. S. Mishra

IJARI-ME-13-08-110 A review of Pulse current gas tungsten arc welding for different alloys 1. P. K. Baghela
IJARI-AS-13-08-102 Quality Agenda in Higher Education: Causes for Concern 1. Mani Bansal

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