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Volume 2, Issue 3

IJARI-ME-14-09-102 Surface Texture Analysis in Turning of Mild Steel Using Carbide Inserts 1. Ranganath. M. S
2. Vipin
3. Lalit Kumar
4. Jitender Kumar
IJARI-ME-14-09-103 Appropriate Vapour Compression Refrigeration Technologies for Sustainable Development R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-14-09-104 Experimental Investigations on Friction Stir Processed Copper and Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of the Composite Material 1. V. Jeganathan Arulmoni
2. R. S. Mishra
3. Ranganath M. S.
IJARI-ME-14-09-105 Study of Designing a Solar Concentrator for Crematorium using Solar Energy 1. A. C. Kashyap
2. J. P. Kesari
3. A. K. Rai
4. Hukam Singh
IJARI-ME-14-09-106 Parametric Analysis of Surface Roughness Studies in Turning Using Artificial Neural Network 1. Ranganath M. S.
2. Vipin
3. Sudhanshu Maurya
4. Sonu Yadav
IJARI-ME-14-09-107 Thermodynamic analysis of a Solar Thermal Syphon Pump 1. Kaushalendra K. Dubey
2. R. S. Mishra
3. Gopal P. Sinha
IJARI-ME-14-09-108 Kinetic Energy Regenerative Braking System 1. Shakti Mann
2. Jayesh Khatri
IJARI-ME-14-09-109 Energy Exergy Analysis of a high pressure Claude Haylentsystem for liquefaction of Gases 1. Devender Kumar
2. R.S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-14-09-110 Modeling of Inductively Heated Copper Cylinder with Water Cooling Based on Turbulent Flow and Instantaneous Mixing 1. Shailendra Kumar Gaur
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-14-09-111 Emission Analyses of Cottenseed Biodiesel by Taguchi Method 1. Abhishek Ateriya
2. Amit Pal
3. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-14-09-112 Finite Element Analysis and Fatigue Life Estimation of Plate with Different Stress Levels 1. John Smith
2. Prasanna Medar
3. Imran Ali M.R
IJARI-ME-14-09-113 Electromagnetic Stir Casting and its Process Parameters for the Fabrication and Refined the Grain Structure of Metal Matrix Composites – A Review 1. Shashi Prakash Dwivedi
2. Satpal Sharma
3. Raghvendra Kumar Mishra
IJARI-ME-14-09-114 Experimental and Analytical Analysis of Light Alloy Shell Castings Using Three Dimensional Printing 1. Rajesh Kumar
2. I.P.S. Ahuja
3. Rupinder Singh
IJARI-ME-14-09-115 Experimental Analysis and Modeling of MRR in Electrical Discharge Machining 1. Ranganath M. S.
2. Vipin
3. Manoj Kumar Singh
4. Jitender Kumar
IJARI-ME-14-09-116 Optimization of Machining cost and time in Heavy Machining Operation 1. Vipin
2. R. S. Mishra
3. Ranganath M. S.
IJARI-CS-14-09-102 High Speed Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Network 1. Kamal Kr. Gola
2. Bhumika Gupta
3. Zubair Iqbal
IJARI-CS-14-09-103 Establishing Context Awareness for a Mathematical Expression Recognizer 1. Ashok Koujalagi
2. K. Pradeep
3. D. Mahesh
4. S. Naveen
IJARI-CS-14-09-104 An Improved Face Recognition Approach using Principal Component Analysis 1. Deepak Gaur
2. Raj Kumar Sagar
IJARI-EC-14-09-102 To Study Effect on Current Due to Channel Doping Concentrations Variation 1. Abneesh Kumar
2. Atal Kumar
3. R. K. Saxena
4. Suresh Patel
IJARI-CV-14-09-102 A Field Study on Construction Workers Stress in Erode District 1. K. Rajkumar
2. S. Ananda Kumar
3. V. Krishnamoorthy
IJARI-CV-14-09-103 Geological Set Up and Mode of Occurrence of Stromatolitic Phosphorites of Gandhra, Panchmahals, Gujarat, India S Rehan Ali
IJARI-EE-14-09-102 Ethical Hacking and Its Countermeasures 1. Shubham Goel
2. Kunal Gupta
3. Mayank Garg
4. A. K. Madan
IJARI-AS-14-09-102 Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of a Dusty Rivlin-Ericksen Fluid through Porous Medium Due To an Impulsively Started Plate 1. Santosh Kumar Srivastava
2. R. K. Khare
IJARI-HU-14-09-102 The Role of Hindi in English Language Teaching in India Anuradha
IJARI-PH-14-09-102 Biological Properties, Phytochemistry and Traditional Uses of Mahua (Madhuca longifolia): A Review 1. Nishant Verma
2. K. K. Jha
3. Umesh Kumar
4. Kanad Deepak
5. Niraj K. Singh
6. Ajai K. Singh

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