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Volume 3, Issue 4

IJARI-ME-15-12-102 A New Method to Reduce Soiling Effect on Performance of a Solar PV Module Akram Abdulameer Abbood Al-Khazzar
IJARI-ME-15-12-103 Energy-Exergy Performance Comparison of Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems using three NANO Materials Mixed in R718 as secondry Fluid and R-1234yf and R-1234ze Ecofriendly Refrigerants in the Primary Circuit R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-12-104 Economic Analysis of the Nisargruna Based Bio-Methanation Plant 1. Aftab Anjum
2. Mohit Gupta
3. Aadish Jain
IJARI-ME-15-12-105 Mixing of Various Renewable Energy Technologies towards Development of Village Energy Need 1. Shubham Gupta
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-12-106 Thermodynamic Performance Comparison Using HFO-1234yf and HFO-1234ze in the High Temperature Cascade Refrigeration Systems and Ecofriendly Refrigerants in Low Temperature Applications R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-12-107 Implementation Difficulties of JIT Distribution Process in Supply Chain Management of Indian Industries 1. Harvinder Singh
2. Aneesh Goyal
3. Jeewan Singh
IJARI-ME-15-12-108 Estimation of Electrical Energy Generation from Waste to Energy using Incineration Technology 1. Shubham Gupta
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-12-109 Effect of electromagnetic field and mechanical milling in the synthesis of metal matrix Nano composite 1. Kapil Kumar
2. Samar Sultan
IJARI-ME-15-12-110 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Technology for Sustainable Development R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-15-12-111 Environmental Sustainability of Automobile AIR-Conditioning System with Refrigerant R1234YF 1. Gaurav
2. Raj Kumar
IJARI-ME-15-12-112 Influence of minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) technique in achining evolution: A review and applications 1. Jeewan Singh
2. Harvinder Singh
3. Aneesh Goyal
IJARI-ME-15-12-114 Smart Materials: New Trend in Structural Engineering 1. Harvinder Singh
2. Ramandeep Singh
IJARI-ME-15-12-115 Performance Study of Diesel Engine Using Nanofuel 1. Nishant Mohan
2. Mayank Sharma
3. R. C. Singh
4. R. K. Pandey
IJARI-ME-15-12-116 Study of Nanostructured Co and Al doped ZnO films 1. Atikur Rahman
2. Chitrashi Mahajan
IJARI-CS-15-12-103 Identification, selection and evaluation of COTS selection criteria using Fuzzy Set Theory 1. Rakesh Garg
2. R. K. Sharma
3. Kapil Sharma
IJARI-EE-15-12-102 UPFC Location and Optimum Power Flow in Wind Power Generation Using Evolutionary Program Techniques 1. R. Saravanan
2. S. Sooriyaprabha
IJARI-EE-15-12-103 Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Fuzzy Logic Approach 1. Kamini Devi
2. Rameshwar Singh
3. Shailendra Gautam
4. Deepak Nagaria
IJARI-EE-15-12-104 Distribution free Variable Step Size Normalized Least Means Square Algorithm Deman Kosale
IJARI-EE-15-12-105 Electrical Bioimpedance: Methods and Applications 1. Padma Batra
2. Rajiv Kapoor
IJARI-BE-15-12-102 Mobile Recording Microscope 1. S. Saravana Prakash
2. S. Pravin Kumar
IJARI-DE-15-12-102 Role of Machine Vision System in Food Quality and Safety Evaluation 1. Ashwin Judal
2. A. G. Bhadania
IJARI-DE-15-12-103 Biological Unit operation for waste water treatment: Aerobic Process 1. A. L. Judal
2. A. G. Bhadania
3. J. B. Upadhyay
IJARI-MG-15-12-103 Work Life Balance in India: Sources of Conflict & Coping Strategies Sneha Singh
IJARI-MG-15-12-104 Globalization of Healthcare Market: An Analysis of Indian Medical Tourism Industry 1. Sneha
2. Nishant Verma
3. Ajai Singh
IJARI-MG-15-12-105 Impact of E-HRM System on Organizational Performance: A Case study on Banking Sector Preeti Bharti
IJARI-MG-15-12-106 Influence of Social Media Marketing in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry 1. Supriti Agrawal
2. Navjot Kaur
IJARI-AS-15-12-103 A Study on pH sensing property of Carboxymethyl guar gum /Silver Nanocomposites 1. A. P. Gupta
2. Devendra Kumar Verma
3. P. Smitaa
4. Abhinav Saini
IJARI-AS-15-12-104 Optimal Scheduling with Transportation Time and Equivalent Item for Item-Block Pradeep Kashyap
IJARI-PH-15-12-103 Dietary Approach for the Prevention of Diabetes 1. Umesh kumar
2. Nishant Verma
3. Kanad Deepak
IJARI-PH-15-12-104 Recent Advances in the Complementary and Alternative Medication: How Far Will It Go In Future 1. Anupriya Kasumwal
2. Navjot Kaur
IJARI-ME-15-12-117 Failure Analysis of First Stage Gas Turbine Blade 1. Sushila Rani
IJARI-ME-15-12-118 Analysis of different types of Coating of Gas Turbine Blade 1. Sushila Rani
IJARI-ME-15-12-119 Computational Modal Analysis of First stage Gas Turbine Blade 1. Sushila Rani

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