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Volume 4, Issue 1

IJARI-AS-16-01-104 Natural Clay - An Adsorbent for Basic Dye 1. Ekta Khosla
IJARI-AS-16-01-105 Dielectric Spectroscopy of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixture Showing Different Temperature Range 1. Bisanpal Singh
2. Jitendra K. Kushwaha
3. Dharmendra Kumar
IJARI-BM-16-01-102 A review of theories on under pricing of IPOS 1. Divya Jindal
2. Ravi Singla
IJARI-BM-16-03-101 Consumer Protection Act, 1986: Issues and Challenges 1. Parveen Vashisth
2. Vipin Kumar
IJARI-BM-16-03-103 Becoming an employer-of-choice: An effective Talent Management Strategy 1. Manupriya Bali
IJARI-BM-16-03-105 Financing Mechanisms to Support MSME and Startups: Role of the Capital Market 1. AN Sarkar
IJARI-BT-16-01-103 Food-borne Diseases and Techniques to Detect Food-borne Pathogens and Their Limitations 1. Bhawana Bhatt
2. Gaurav Nagar
3. Sonali Nagar
4. Nisha Tyagi
IJARI-CE-16-03-102 A Novel Method for Image Analysis and Exudates Detection in Retinal Images 1. HS Vijaya Kumar
2. Bharathi PT
3. Madhuri R
IJARI-CE-16-03-103 Wetlands and their Role in Water Conservation: A Review 1. Gaurav Pandey
IJARI-CS-16-03-102 Ranking of Software Effort Estimation Selection Criteria Based On Fuzzy Set Theory 1. Aparna Jindal
2. Rakesh Garg
3. Ashu Bansal
IJARI-CV-16-03-101 Biological Waste Gas Treatment using Membrane based Technology 1. Gaurav Pandey
2. Abhishek Gupta
IJARI-CV-16-03-102 Study on Air Quality in the near field of MMA - A case study 1. Braj Mohan
2. Kafeel Ahmed
3. Shakil Afsar
IJARI-CV-16-03-103 Wetlands and their Role in Water Conservation: A Review 1. Gaurav Pandey
IJARI-EC-16-03-101 Energy Efficient Hybrid Digital Weighing Scale 1. Chukwuedozie N Ezema
IJARI-EC-16-03-103 A novel design approach of low power consuming Decoder using Reversible Logic gates 1. Jugal Bhandari
IJARI-EE-16-03-101 Impact of Phasor Measurement Unit on The State Estimation of Large Power System 1. Jitender Kumar
IJARI-EE-16-03-102 Comprehensive Analysis of Effect of Accumulation of Dust on a Solar Panel 1. Masoom Bajaj
IJARI-EN-16-03-101 Impact on Ground Water Contamination by Storage of Municipal Solid Waste under open sky 1. Anurag Varshney
IJARI-EN-16-03-102 Application of statistical tools and hypothesis testing of adsorption data obtained for removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions 1. Achla Kaushal
2. Prof.S.K.Singh
IJARI-EN-16-03-103 Adsorption of Zn(II) from aqueous solution on mango leaves powder 1. Achla Kaushal
2. S.K.Singh
IJARI-GS-16-03-101 Dealing With Challenges in Teaching Decision Sciences 1. Nisha Arora
IJARI-HU-16-01-102 Happy Days - A Study in Existentialism 1. Barun Kumar Jha
IJARI-MB-16-03-101 Isolation and Screening of Antimicrobial and Extracellular Pigment Producing Actinomycetes from Chambal Territory of Madhya Pradesh Region, India 1. Ramendra Singh Parmar
2. Charu Singh
3. Pragati Saini
4. Ajay Kumar
IJARI-ME-16-03-103 To plot graph and establish relationship between component weight and wall thickness for a component manufacturing in gas assist injection moulding 1. Bahadur Singh
2. Sukhjinder Singh
3. Kanwar JS Gill
IJARI-ME-16-03-104 Exergoeconomic Analysis of Two-stage Thermoelectric Cooler with Genetic Algorithm 1. Sudhanshu Sharma
2. V. K. Dwivedi
3. S. N. Pandit
IJARI-ME-16-03-105 Effect of Laser Power on Component Strength in Laser Sintering 1. Daler Singh
2. Sukhjinder Singh Sandhu
IJARI-ME-16-03-106 Optimisation of Process Parameters Friction Stir Welding 1. Nitesh Dube
2. Prakash Rai
3. Kuldeep Giri
4. Himanshu Kumar Sharma
5. Adhirath Mandal
6. Sudhir Kumar
7. Rohit Garg
IJARI-ME-16-03-107 Optimization of Process Parameters of CNC Milling 1. Malay
2. Kishan Gupta
3. Jaideep Gangwar
4. Hasrat Nawaz Khan
5. Nitya Prakash Sharma
6. Adhirath Mandal
7. Sudhir Kumar
8. RohitGarg
IJARI-ME-16-03-108 Optimization of Process Parameters in WEDM Process 1. Sameer Kumar Mishra
2. Sujeet Singh
3. Saurabh Singh
4. Sunny Singh
5. Adhirath Mandal
6. Sudhir Kumar
7. Rohit Garg
IJARI-ME-16-03-109 Soret and Dufour Effects on an Unsteady MHD Flow through Porous Medium with Hall Current 1. Mohammad Faisal Khan
2. Abdulaziz Alorainni
3. Rajeev Jha
IJARI-ME-16-03-110 Development of Framework for Analyzing the Barriers in Total Productive Maintenance 1. Ashok Kumar
2. Rajesh Kumar Singh
3. Tasmeem Ahmad Khan
IJARI-ME-16-03-111 Methods for Improving Thermodynamic Energy and Exergy Performance of Vapor Compression Refrigeration Systems Using Thirteen Eco-friendly Refrigerants in Primary Circuit and TiO2 Nano Particles Mixed with R718 Used in Secondary Evaporator Circuit for Reducing Global Warming and Ozone Depletion 1. RS Mishra
IJARI-ME-16-03-112 Effect of aspect ratio on the performance and stability of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings 1. Sanjay Sharma
2. R K Awasthi
IJARI-ME-16-03-113 Effect of aspect ratio on the performance and stability of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings 1. Sachin Dhull
2. RS Walia
IJARI-ME-16-03-114 Evaluation of Load and Load Point Displacement Through Three Point Bend Set Up for Dynamic Loading 1. Sanjay Kumar
2. Anoop Kumar Pandouria
3. Vikrant Tiwari
IJARI-ME-16-03-115 Study the Effect of Pulse Shaper on Dynamic Compressive Behavior of AL2014-T6 and AL7075-T6 1. Sanjay Kumar
2. Vikrant Tiwari
IJARI-ME-16-03-116 Thermodynamic (Energy-Exergy) Analysis of Solar Assisted Power-Cooling Combined Generation Systems 1. Kaushalendra Kumar Dubey
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-16-03-117 Mathematical Modeling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Gas Turbine Hybrid System for Enhancing Thermal Performance 1. Smita Sharma
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-16-03-118 Perfortmance evaluations of Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Technology 1. Harwinder Singh
2. R. S. Mishra
IJARI-ME-16-03-119 Solutions of the Acoustic Problem in the 3D Form of the Helmholtz Equation Using DRBEM 1. Hassan Ghassemi
2. Ahmad Reza Kohansal
IJARI-ME-16-03-120 Issues, Prospects, Opportunities and Challenges of Health Tourism in India 1. Reema Chaudhary
2. Rajiv Chaudhary
3. Ramesh Chandra Singh
4. Ranganath M Singari
IJARI-ME-16-03-123 Conceptual Design of a GRC Robot as the New Generation Guardrail Cleaners 1. A.R Rajabnejad
2. H. Shahidian
3. Sh. Niknejad
4. H. Maleki
5. S.R. Farsangi1
IJARI-ME-16-03-124 Experimental and Cfd Studies On Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Characteristics of A V-Trough Solar Water Heater 1. Gopalakrishnan M
2. Karunakaran P
IJARI-ME-16-03-125 An Experimental Study On Electro-discharge Machining of Al2014/Al2O3 Composite 1. Vineet Dubey
2. Balbir Singh
IJARI-ME-16-03-126 Micro-channel fabrication using electrical discharge machining process and optimization of parameters 1. Urfi Khan
2. Rituraj Jangid
3. Harsh Sharma
4. Mohd Shuaib
IJARI-ME-16-03-128 Solutions of the Acoustic Problem in the 3D Form of the Helmholtz Equation Using DRBEM 1. Hassan Ghassemi
2. Ahmad Reza Kohansal
IJARI-ME-16-03-129 Effects of Variation in Evaporator and Condenser Temperature on Cascade Condenser Temperature, COP and Second Law Efficiency of a Cascade Refrigeration System 1. Akhilesh Arora
IJARI-ME-16-03-130 Failure Analysis of First Stage Gas Turbine Blade 1. Sushila Rani
IJARI-ME-16-03-131 Solar Industrial Process Heating system for Indian Automobile Industry 1. Anubhav Uppal
2. J.P.Kesari
IJARI-ME-16-03-132 Surface Texture Analysis in Milling of Mild Steel Using HSS Face and Milling Cutter 1. Rajesh Kumar
2. Vipin
IJARI-MG-16-01-103 Flash Sales – The Game Changer in Indian E-Commerce Industry 1. Supriti Agrawal
2. S. Abhinav Sareen

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