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International Conference on Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology (ICASET-2016) is a holistic move to align the researchers, scientists, engineers and research scholar in all areas of Sciences & Technology and provides a forum for the dissemination of original research results, ideas and practical experiences which concentrate on both theory and practices.

The conference aims at:

To bring technology specialists to discuss the existing challenges, solutions and implementing technology based transformations.

To provide a special forum to present and discuss research based knowledge among academicians, people from industry and practitioners on various issues related to the various field of Engineering Sciences.

To provide opportunities for professionals, practitioners and academician to share their insight on the development and challenges in all areas related to the field of engineering sciences.

Area of Interest

It is a multi disciplinary conference, which includes all areas of Science and Technology. Innovative original research papers on topics covered under following broad areas (but not limited to).

Engineering & Technology: Mechanical engineering, Including Finite Element Methods, Quality Engineering & Reliability, Thermal Engineering & its Applications, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Rapid Prototyping Advance Materials, Automation engineering, Nanotechnology, Computer science engineering including Mobile Computing, Grid Computing, Agents, Cloud Computing, MANETS, Neural Network, Wireless Communication, MIMO, Electronics and communication engineering including Signal Processing, Data Mining & Warehousing, Artificial Intelligence Networking, MEMS, Electrical engineering including power system, Instrumentation & Control, Control Systems, Modern Power System, information technology, etc.

Sciences: Life Science, Physical, Chemical, Mathematical and Pharmaceutical, Science like Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Electronic waste recycling, Biodegradation of polymers, Waste treatment management, environment protection and environmental rehabilitation, Toxic chemicals/ pollutants-their detection, removed and management, Recycling of polymers, rubber, paper and leather, Ionic liquids, Air pollution, Water pollution, Soil pollution, Mathematical modeling, State of Science Education in India, Spectroscopy, Selar cells etc.


Prospective authors may submit manuscript by e-mail, as .pdf or .doc file attachments to: with cc to or


Sample Template

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Visa Letter

Letter of invitation can be provided (if necessary) on request, for VISA processing.

Registration Desk

All participants must register before attending the conference. The appropriate registration fee includes conference kit, tea break and lunch break. Registration fee is non refundable.

Registration fee is accepted through– cheque /draft/Cash –

In favor ofICASET
Payable atPunjab National Bank (PNB), Gurukul Kangri, Haridwar, (U.K.), India
Account Number4063000100146993
IFC CodePUNB0406300
Branch Code406300
Till 20th January 2016
For Indian and SAARC Countries
Delegates₹ 1500/-
Research Scholar₹ 1000/-
Industry Dlegates₹ 2500/-
For Other Nationals
DelegatesUS$ 100
Research ScholarUS$ 80
Industry DlegatesUS$ 125
On-Spot Registration
For Indian and SAARC Countries
Delegates₹ 2000/-
Research Scholar₹ 1200/-
Industry Dlegates₹ 3500/-

At the icaset-2016 you will meet with representative from industry, leading scientists, research professors, research scholars from all walks of science and technologies.

Show Hours



Department of Zoology and environmental Science, Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar 249401, Uttarakhand, India

Sponsorship Packages (in Indian Rupee)

ICASET-2016 section conference brings a host of opportunities to be a part of this event and highlight your program/ product/ institution in front of eminent from industry and academia. There are various levels of sponsorship for the Conference and recognition will be given to each sponsor at the social and business events, in pre-Conference marketing materials, conference website and related activities. For more information please click the sponsorship plan.

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For more information contact
Er. Namit Gupta
Phone: +917500083334
Prof. P.C. Joshi
Phone: +919837062992
Dr. Gagan Matta
Phone: +919412072170
Dr. Avnish Chauhan
Phone: +918273062425
Organizing Committee

Prof. Surendra Kumar, Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar, India


Prof. V. K. Sharma

Advisory Committee
  • Prof. A.K. Chopra, GKV, Haridwar, India
  • Prof. R. Dhankhar, MDU, Rohtak India
  • Prof. R.K. Pandey, IIT, Delhi, India
  • Prof. S. Maheshwari, NSIT, Delhi, India
  • Prof. V. Shukla, MDU, Rohtak, India
  • Prof. S. Choudhary, KU, Kuruks, India
  • Prof. N. Joshi, GNU, Haridwar, India
  • Prof. P.K. Joshi, JNU, Delhi, India
  • Prof. G.S. Singh, BHU, Varanasi, India
  • Dr. D.P. Uniyal, UCOST, Dehradun, India
  • Dr. K.K. Saini, NPL, Delhi, India
  • Dr. B.S. Chauhan, DTU, India
  • Dr. R.R. Pandey, Candada
  • Dr. Ashish Tewari, KU, Nainital India
  • Dr. S.K. Singh, DTU, Delhi, India
  • Dr. A. Lambat, Nagpur, India
  • Dr. A. Arora, DTU, Delhi, India
  • Dr. R.C. Singh, DTU, Delhi, India
  • Dr. Ranganath M.S., DTU, Delhi, India
  • Dr. Rajiv Chaudhary, DTU, Delhi, India
  • Dr. V. Gupta, GKV, Haridwar, India
  • Dr. M. Agarwal, GKV, Haridwar, Delhi, India
  • Prof. Dinesh Bhatt
  • Prof. D.S. Malik