International Journal of Advance Research and Innovation

ISSN: 2347-3258


Paper ID Paper Name Author(s)
NRISCE01 Strength Evaluation of Concrete by Application of Cockle Shell and Alumina Refinery Residue Alagirikalidhasan A
Dinesh S
Dinesh Kumar L
NRISCE02 Sustainable Construction through Procurement in Construction Projects Kavipriya A
Renuka SM
Umarani C
NRISCE03 Experimental Study on External Strengthening of RC Beams using CFRP Composites Under Flexural Loading J Anto
T Manikandan
S Aravindan
NRISCE04 Performance Characteristics of Concrete by using Bone and Graphene P Arun
M Boopathi
T Sajeeban
M Sivaraja
M Suresh
NRISCE05 Influence of Mineral Admixtures on Self Compacting Concrete U Balavignesh
S Sivasankari
NRISCE06 Flexural Behaviour of Concrete Beams with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rods A Sagaya Bastina
M Renganathan
NRISCE07 Strengthening of Column by using Confinement Techniques S Murugaganesh
A Ananthakumar
C Nissi Joy
NRISCE08 Evaluation of Cost-Effective Sewage Treatment Plant for Augmentation of Irrigation Water Supply in Sulur Small Tank, Sulur S Hemapriya
S Mohanasundari
M Shahul Hameed
NRISCE09 An Analytical Study of the Behaviour of A 3D RC Frame with Hollow Block Infill Under Seismic Loading using E-Tabs Jasmine Jayakodi M
Karthick B
NRISCE10 A Power Generation through Double Chamber MFC Operation from Industrial Waste Water S Hemapriya
Dr M Sivaraja
K Kavin Kumar
R Ruthra
M Guhan
NRISCE11 Energy-Efficient Error Control Approach for on Chip Interconnects using Hamming Product Codes S Idayadharshini
Mrs AD Dhivya
NRISCE12 Data Hiding in Audio Signal using Cryptography and Steganography Techniques S Jeeva
Mr R Prabhu
NRISCE13 FPGA Implementation of Data Hiding in Audio Signal using LSB Encoding Ms N Gangarani
Mr G Kanagaraj
M Dhanam
NRISCE14 FPGA Implementation of Low Complexity De-Blocking Filter for H.264 Compression Standard S Nisha
Mr E Sathishkumar
NRISCE15 The Computer Assistance Hand Gesture Recognition System for Physically Impairment Peoples V Veeramanikandan
R Anandharaj
S Naveenkumar
G Sathishkumar
Mrs Thenmozhi
NRISCE16 Collaborative Watchdog for Treating Selfish Nodes in MANET Abdul Majeed Khan
Priya S
NRISCE17 High Speed Weighted Based NOC Architecture with Router Fault Detection V Kavitha
Dr N Kaliammal
NRISCE18 Design & Implementation of Compressor Based Approximate Multiplier Using VLSI Architecture Mrs M Rojaramani
Mr G Kanagaraj
M Masilamani
NRISCE19 A New Data Transfer Data-Matrix Methodology for IP Protection Scheme B Saranya
Mr R Poomurugan
NRISCE20 Design of FIR Filter using RoBA (Rounding Based Approximate) Multiplier with Parallel Prefix Adder M Sivakami
Mr N Karthick
NRISCE21 The Memory Efficient Noval Modified Deblocking Filter Order for HEVC Systems Mr M Vasanthakumar
Mr G Kanagaraj
M Nandhini
NRISCE22 A Fault Tolerance Technique for Combinational and Sequential Circuits using Triple Modular Redundancy Technique Mr Sripathi G
Ms C Senthilkumar
Mr G Kanagaraj
NRISCE23 Design and Implementation of Smart Home Control System Based on Wireless Network S LydiaKiruba
A Prabha
Dr S Priya
Dr A Suresh