International Journal of Advance Research and Innovation

ISSN : 2347-3258

Volume 7 Issue 1

Paper ID Paper Name Author(s)
IJARI-AS-19-03-101 Managing Students’ Attitude towards Physics through Problem Solving Instructional Strategy: A Study Caried Out in Senior Secondary Schools in Makurdi Metropolis BA Atsuwe
SZ Mbalaha
M Binang
IJARI-AS-19-03-102 Multi resolution Analysis of Rainfall Variability Using Discrete Wavelet Transforms Anil Kumar
Uttam Kumar Rawat
IJARI-AS-19-03-103 Human Resource Management Practices in Hospitals and Its Impact on Employee Satisfaction by considering Demographic factors in Surat City Reema Parekh
IJARI-AS-19-03-104 Islamic Finance: Factors Influencing the Perception of Muslim Individuals in Perth Rehman Javaid
IJARI-CV-19-03-101 Study of adsorption of lead ions from wastewater by polyaniline coated bel leaf powder in a packed bed Achla Kaushal
SK Singh
IJARI-CV-19-03-102 Preliminary Assessment for the Potential of Citrus Limetta Peel Waste for Bioethanol Production under Indian Conditions Vinay Prabhakar
SK Singh
IJARI-CV-19-03-103 Leachate Characters and Impact at Bhalswa Landfill Site in Delhi, India Lokesh Kumar
SK Singh
IJARI-CV-19-03-104 Toward Zero Energy: Active and passive design strategies to achieve net zero Energy Building Shambalid Ahady
Nirendra Dev
Anubha Mandal
IJARI-EC-19-03-101 Dependency of Output Signal To Noise Ratio on Output Power and Signal to Noise Ratio at Reference Path in the Adaptive Noise Cancellation Technique Jaspreet Singh Deo
IJARI-ME-19-03-101 Applicability of Finite Element Method for Prediction of Stress Concentration on Welded Joints with Defects Gautham V
Prabhu Raja V
Parthasarathy NB
IJARI-ME-19-03-102 Applicability of Quality Principles for Valve Sourcing and Expediting – The Indian Valve Sourcing and Expediting Series Paul Gregory F
IJARI-ME-19-03-103 Synthetic Inflow Generator having Various Oscillations Young-WOO YI
Hee-Chang LIM
IJARI-ME-19-03-104 Experimental Investigation of Thermal energy storage with phase changing material Manisha Pal
AK Chauhan
IJARI-ME-19-03-105 Structural and dielectric properties of BaCexTi1-xO3 ceramics Deepak Kumar
Chetan Thakur
KS Srikanth
IJARI-ME-19-03-106 Sustainable supplier selection for new product development: A multiobjective framework Amit Kumar Sinha
Ankush Anand
IJARI-ME-19-03-107 A Review of Using Response Surface Methodology in Friction Stir Welding Wails Grant Kaunitz
IJARI-ME-19-03-108 Generation Scheduling With Renewable Energy Sources an Improved Fire fly Optimization Algorithm R Saravanan
S Sooriya Prabha
IJARI-ME-19-03-109 Applicability of Optimization Principles for Valve Sourcing and Expediting –The Indian Valve Sourcing and Expediting Series Paul Gregory F
Swathini S