International Journal of Advance Research and Innovation

ISSN: 2347-3258

Volume 7 Issue 3

Paper ID Paper Name Author(s)
ICARI-EC-19-09-110 Adaption of Power Gating in Positive Feedback Adiabatic Logic Circuits Aarushi Mann
Naman Malhotra
Neeta Pandey
IJARI-AS-19-09-108 Effect of Cognitive Style on Students Achievement and Retention in Physics in Senior Secondary School in Gwer-West Local Government Area, Benue State, Nigeria Atsuwe
Bernard A
Thaddeus T
IJARI-AS-19-09-109 Acute Toxicity (Lethal Dose 50 Calculation): Medicine as A Life Saver or Destroyer Malvika Chaudhary
Alka Srivastava
Sajid Ali
IJARI-AS-19-09-110 Assessment of Beef Cattle Production, Slaughtering and Marketing Practice in Haramaya University, Ethiopia Birmaduma Gadisa
Gemechu Taffa
IJARI-AS-19-09-111 Critical Appraisal of Limited North European Corporate Governance Standards After Global Crisis, Corporate Scandals and Market Manipulation Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
IJARI-AS-19-09-112 Effect of Multimedia Teaching Technology on SSS 1 Student’s Interest and Achievement in Mechanics in Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria BA Atsuwe
SA Adeniran
AI Iortyom
IJARI-AS-19-09-113 Review on Malnutrition: Impact and Prevention J Bharaniidharan
SK Reshmi
IJARI-CS-19-09-104 Augment Reality in Education System - A Review Rozeena
Sharique Anwar
Mohd Wasim
IJARI-CS-19-09-105 IoT Based Home Security System with Live Streaming Sonia Goel
Anindya Gopal Prusty
Pulkit Bhasin
Abhishek Kashyap
IJARI-CS-19-09-106 Development of Android Application for Device to Device Communication in IoT Using Rabbit MQ Broker Deekshitha Arasa
SP Meharunnisa
IJARI-EE-19-09-104 Wired and Wireless Modes of Communication and Their Comparison Uttpal Raj
Naresh Kumari
IJARI-ME-19-09-116 Environmental Impact of Electric & Biodiesel Car - A Review Adhirath Mandal
Haeng Muk Cho
Bhupendra Singh Chauhan
IJARI-ME-19-09-117 Suitable selection of napkins in Hotel industry for sustainable development Sachin Jaisar, Saurabh Agrawal
IJARI-ME-19-09-118 Characteristics of A Compression Ignition Engine Using Rice Bran Oil Methyl Esters Jatinder Singla
Geetesh Goga
Sunil Kumar Mahla
Bhupendra Singh Chauhan
IJARI-ME-19-09-120 Performance and Emission Studies of a Variable Compression Ratio CI Engine Using Biodiesel Made from Waste Cooking Oil Jatinder Kataria
SK Mohapatra
K Kundu
R Singh
IJARI-ME-19-09-121 To Study and Analyze The Variation of Pressure Recovery Coefficient at The Walls of Axial Annular Diffuser at Area Ratio 2.5 And Casing Diverging Angle Of 6° Using CFD Devesh Kumar
BB Arora
IJARI-ME-19-09-122 Effect of Submerged Arc Welding Parameters on Hard Facing with Different Proportions of Alloy Mix Upon Mild Steel Navin Kumar
Harpuneet Singh
IJARI-ME-19-09-123 Exploratory Study of Thermodynamics Performance of R 134a, R 152a And R 1234yf In Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle Rawinder Sharma
Harpreet Singh
Harpuneet Singh
IJARI-ME-19-09-124 Potential Strategies to Prepare A Unique RFQ - The Indian Valve Sourcing and Expediting Series Paul Gregory F
Gokul R